Are we all in agreement that Final Fantasy XV is awful crap?

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Is FFXV awful crap?

Yes. 129 67.19%
Yes. 63 32.81%

Awful?Lol,no.My only aches with this game are,story too short,no proper aircraft,no switchable characters and those fucking summons.

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UnderstatedCornHole said:

A few weeks ago it was minor complaints.
Now everyone hates it.
Same as FFXIII, same as FFVII except the other way round.
Can people not think for themselves?
Who thought FFVII was all that on release?
Who had even heard of FF before FFVI?
Who thought IX was the best FF ever at release? Hell, even VIII was considered amazing on release until it was cool to hate it and pretend it didn't exist.

Hey remember when everyone and their dog used Sephiroth as a username on forums, then there was Kratos...

Such sycophantic thinking. It's embarrassing.
Good lord, it's enough to vomit.


I hate it. It's FFXIII for 2016. It's less fun than Phantasy Star Universe.

It's self aware trash.

Eat a Snickers, dude.

It hasn't been an enjoyable experience -- I am yet to finish it -- stopped playing it over 3 weeks ago when (I think) I was on chapter six. Going to push myself to complete it though even though there are probably other games I'd rather play...

It sure as hell is not some sort of Super Mario Galaxy generation defining game as it was claimed before its release, and after all these years it's easy to see why people are disappointed.

15's my next main game when I've finished Witcher 3 (heh...so February at the earliest?), topics like this somehow make me anticipate playing it more.

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No i disagree, there are many complaints people can make about the game, like the story being told poorly, some characters getting almost no screen time despite being very important to the plot, which also means that some characters didnt got the development they needed, etc.

But even then i wouldnt say its a bad game, not even close to it... it had potential and it failed to reach it but it was still a fun game to play, and as far as im concerned no game thats truly crap has been fun to play for me.

No first game in the series that I've enjoyed since FFX. After the irredeemable trash that was XIII, it was refreshing. Is it great? No. Flawed? Absolutely. However I found it enjoyable.

is everyone EVER in agreement when a thread title is like this? No chances are not everyone agrees with you

I am Iron Man

After Chapter 9 the game has gotten so much better...and more linear too. Funny that.

Still, I think it's too far on to redeem itself, I'll just ride out the ending and enjoy it as much as I can.

tinfamous12 said:

I haven't played it yet, but that boss battle they showed at Microsofts E3 conference looked pretty bad. But usually FF games are in the upper tier of quality.

I would honestly argue that there hasn't been a genuinely "upper tier" FF game since IX on PS1. That is a subjective opinion of course, and I didn't experience XII much. But I felt X and especially XIII were fairly awful.

What I wish they would do, is ditch the quasi steam/cyberpunk anime direction the series has gone in since FFVII, and do a fullblown reset, back to the early days, when there was a lot more FANTASY in Final Fantasy. FF I-VI, in my humble opinion, were amazing (FFII being the weak entry of that lot). FFIV is still my fav. rpg of all time. I would very much AT LEAST like to see them go back to the early steampunk but still very fantasy style of VI. Though my dream FF game, would be a more full-blown fantasy setting like IV. I can dream, I guess.