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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you expect different Switch SKUs?

Or to be more precise, a smaller version at some point. I kinda don't like how big the thing is, so I'd personally prefer it if they made a Switch mini down the line.

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I expect a NS Lite with non-removable joycons, no dock and maybe not even a TV cable like others has suggested. That makes sense in the final 2 years of the NS.

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I don't think they will release one with a smaller screen but I do expect a dockless handheld only SKU.

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A cheaper Switch TV that just works as a home console. It will cost half of the pice, and it will sell to people who want it as a secondary console and/or don't care about handheld.

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I am not interested/excited about the Nintendo Switch but a smaller version with no detachable controllers and no docking station made as a portable SKU is a must-buy for me and I think many agree so I hope nintendo will listen

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I believe if Nintendo wants to survive in the market, Switch has to become a family of products built around a single OS and Hardware design. In a perfect world Nintendo would eventually offer a cheaper Switch TV, a Switch Handheld, and a Switch Handheld/Phone hybrid.

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I'd love a Vita-sized "Switch lite" in one or two years, when minituarization progress allows that.

well i was hoping there be more grunt power via a supp unit.

still have a hope it happens (eve if its a 0.0000001% chance)



Switch Lite, a portable only sku

Switch TV, a console only sku

Switch Pro, a more powerful sku

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I sincerely doubt it. Nintendo have marched to the beat of their own drum for a long time now. They refused to un-bundle the gamepad from the Wii U despite the fact that they could have dropped the price of the console significantly. They didn't put out 'slim' and revised versions(more cost effective) of the N64, Gamecube and Wii U(the Wii got a revision after it was irrelevant). Hell the Wii U didn't even have an ethernet port and the Wii didn't output in HD despite have the internal capability to. I really don't see them splintering their userbase/console like that.