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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What will be the first game of the new year for you?

topolino227 said:
It would be Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD, but i really dont know if i should wait for the 1.5/2.5 Remaster because i think you need to play that first to play it in the right order!? Can maybe a Kingdom Hearts fan tell me if i need to play 1.5/2.5 first and then Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD because i really wanna play everything in the right order and then i have no problem to wait until the end of march.

Yes. Do that. Please, do that.

I'm now filled with determination.

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Next Game i buy will be The Last Guardian

but the first game i will buy (2017 game) will probably be Horizon

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First game I played was Venom - Spiderman: Separation Anxiety, on Sega Genesis.  The first game I get, will most probably be Tekken 7.  If we're talking the first game I play start to finish?  I have no idea.

I'll play Mario Kart 8 or Super Mario 3D World to kickstart this year. Probably get Zelda Botw on my Switch as my 1st game of the year :P

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I'll be playing FFXV first this year most likely. Though I played it last year....same goes for The Last Guardian. The first game that I will play that's NEW to me completely will most likely be Mirrors Edge Catalyst or Call of Duty Infinite War (I don't count Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered as a new game either lol)

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I was playing rottr when midnight passed. First game I'll buy is Resident Evil 7 or any VR game that comes out before that. Is that paranormal activity game coming out yet?

Hitting up DOOM (about half done as we speak.) but the next big game I am looking forward to, with a healthy dose of skepticism still, is Resident evil 7. Hopefully it doesn't let me down.


I'm finishing lost odyssey up. I'm actually liking the game. Surprised because I hate most 7th - 8th gen JRPGS

First new one will be Quantum Break. First one I played that I had played last year is Xenoverse 2.

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