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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Final zelda breath of the wild art of the year



<3 2 10.00%
<3<3 1 5.00%
<3<3<3 17 85.00%


familiar? well... yeah.


Nostalgia bomb

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is he pooping?

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They're really playing this reference up and I'm loving it! Really hoping for a march release date, then again I'm hoping it doesn't release in march because that's when Universtiy gets intense...then I'll flunk out. Ugh!!!

FunFan said:
is he pooping?

It's a toy, please don't mod or ban me

FunFan said:
is he pooping?

all day

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Looks like we got clould processing now boys.


Hype. Cant wait to play this on the go with the joycons.

FunFan said:
is he pooping?

i mean, the food does have to come out in some shape or form...



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