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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Student loans debate - fair game for students?

Many countries are moving towards rising tuition for students. In the US this easily crosses 50K$ for a Bachelor. The U.S. student loan debt exceeded $1.3 trillion recently, more than consumer credits or car loans.

More than 40% of student loan borrowers are either in default, delinquency or have postponed repaying their student loans, raising fears they may never complete their payments.

Solutions? Should student loan default be allowed? Are student loans a tax on stupidity because someone didn't chose the cheaper community college or a looked for a blue-collar trade? Does the state incease student debt by handing out loans without much control? So many questions...

House mortgages are still much bigger but you do have the value of a house as a direct asset.

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Abolish tuition fees.

Tuition sucks ass. We can find money to pay for everything else but education. I know it's more complicated than that but still. They also need to get rid of "General Fees" and "Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior FEES". What the hell are those? Tuition also isn't locked where I go. They said it was locked but it still went up this semester...

WolfpackN64 said:
Abolish tuition fees.

At the very least should be much lower, and interest on loans should be next to nothing. 

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In the US no. Yes students should understand what they are getting into, but all these for profit online and community colleges are little more than scams.

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Maybe leave college to the free market. Universities will never lower their tuition because there is always that 18/19 year old who would take out 100k loan just to get a degree in Philosophy or something that doesn't have a huge demand and doesn't bring them money.

I have to pay back my loan this year. Around 2300€ for 3 years. That would sound like a lot if I haven't had gotten about 5000€ of a loan in those years.

Of course our Universities are not privately owned for profit businesses.

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College education is so overrated. If i could go back in time, i would go for home based business like catering.
I wouldn't need to spend 2 ~ 4 hours driving car everyday. Survey says the more you spend time at home, the more happier you are.

Are these loanes taken up to pay to the college, or money loaned from the goverment to use on food and housing?

No solution, most of these adults are know what they're getting themselves into unless you're like these poor suckers ... 

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