Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would Stardew Valley be a good game to listen to podcasts?

Just wondering how 'mindless' it is. Can I listen to something and play or is it more hands on where I'd be concentrating more on the game than the podcast. Minecraft or Comet Crash used to fill that role but I'm bburnt out on those. 

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I haven't played SV yet, but maybe Terraria would be good??




Guitar Hero 3/ Smash Hits

Actually really hard to say. Depends how efficient you want to play it. It requires a good amount of thought if you want to advance as fast as possible. If you like to take it slow and don't care about the optimal way it's fine. SV does not punish slow gameplay.

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It is perfectly fine, but you'd be genuinely better off just playing the game and taking in its atmosphere, which is surprisingly authentic and well done.

I would say yes, but the game is at its best when you get completely into it.

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Thanks guys