Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What will convince you to buy a Switch?

If the switch meets the majority of your expectations, will you buy it!

Day one for sure! 177 35.83%
Not day one, but close to release 81 16.40%
Maybe the first year, maybe not 103 20.85%
I'm never getting it! Down with nintendo! 70 14.17%
I'm not sure yet 63 12.75%
Ganoncrotch said:
What would make me buy it?

+If it's in a shop near me

What might make me not get it....

-Razorblades hidden in the hand grips
-Battery just as explosive as Samsungs latest
-They revise the unit to run all games from UMD disk during the Jan feature reveal.
-It takes 6 AA batteries and lasts for 30mins

(Nintendo frantically runs to the store to buy razorblades, explosive batteries, and UMD disks)



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If the price is no more than $300, has a good lineup, and has a decent battery, I'll be there day 1

It gets a Zelda game.

I could make a list of everything it needs...but if the Wii U was able to satisfy me....I can't imagine the Switch will ever be a problem. It'll be a Day 1 if it gets a Zelda bundle, Year 1 if it doesn't.

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I will buy the Switch when it has an appealing game library, besides just the usual Nintendo exclusives.

Ka-pi96 said:
Achievements (possibly the most important aspect for me)
Pokemon games
Affordable price

If it has all 3 of those at launch then I`ll buy it at launch, otherwise who knows when/if I`ll buy it.


*Boring sports games too




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My decision is not set in stone yet ...

Not really comfortable with the rumored price, if it can manage to get the same or higher quality of software support as the 3DS did then I'll think about it. If not then I'll just forget about it ...

It would be monster hunter, I hate tiny screens but still bought 3ds xl for it, I would buy any console that has it, so if I can play that on a large screen I wouldn't hesitate to get the switch.

Decent PP, good lineup of games I actually want and decent battery life with no charger bs like with the N3DS.



Hm. Let's see.

I don't think I care much about the western third-party support situation, to be honest. I already have a PC and I would probably buy a PS4 as my next console purchase.

That means the Switch needs to win my heart as a second console. I don't care much for platformer games or Mario games, so much of the Nintendo's standard home console fare doesn't really appeal to me. However, the Japanese content the 3DS had, including Fire Emblem, did have my interest--I just didn't care for the 3DS hardware or the prospect of another handheld system. I'll probably never buy another handheld of any brand.

That results in this criteria:
- Low price, sub $250
- Zelda
- Fire Emblem
- Lots of Japanese third-party support

Basically, what I'd like is a system with 3DS/Vita type games except on my TV. I don't care anything about the handheld aspect.