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Symmetra changes, coming to PTR soon:

  • Symmetra will now have a choice between 2 ultimates, her teleporter and a shield generator. The shield generator applies a big shield to all teammates in a large radius and ignores line of sight. Additionally, her teleporter now has more health as well as some shields that can regenerate over time. 
  • Her normal shield ability is being removed. It is being replaced by a new ability, Photon Barrier. It's an eliptical shield, somewhat similar to Reinhardt's shield, that moves forward on a track, so you can stand behind your teammates and fire a shield that will move frowards and pass through them, blocking damage from any enemies and allowing your team to advance behind the shield as it moves forward. The goal is to give Symmetra an ability that is useful on both attack and defense. 
  • The Sentry Turrets have been tweaked some. You can now store 6 turret charges instead of 3. The cooldown has also been reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds. The goal is to allow Symmetra to set-up more quickly, making her more useful on Escort maps.
  • The lock-on distance for her primary fire has been increased slightly.

The new Oasis control map will be on the PTR after the Symmetra changes, with a full release goal in early 2017.

You will soon be able to choose to stay with your group after a match. 

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Finally she will become viable! I am loving the changes so far


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Hey, that sounds good.

I'm very happy about these changes. I love Symmetra but she was extremely situational before, basically only useful on defense, and only then on about half of the maps in the game. These changes should increase the number of maps she's useful on and make her more viable on offense.

Good, I enjoy Symmetra, but she desperately needed something like this. Cant wait to use it myself!


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There is one thing I wonder, that Jeff didn't mention in the video. With her current teleporter ultimate, your next ultimate doesn't start charging until after the teleporter has been destroyed or teleported 6 people. I wonder if after placing the teleporter or shield generator, will the other one be able to start charging up, or do you have to wait for the first one to be destroyed? It will be super dope if it will be possible to build up 1 ult and then the other and have them both on the map at once.

Great news. She's one of my favorites, but she was definitely overly situational.

I guess I'll have to give her a second chance now. I really love how Blizzard handles this game. It's already great but I can't imagine how awesome it'll be in a few years.

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As a Symmetra main I'm excited to try out these new changes when they hit PTR, I don't have a problem with how she plays right now, but being able to choose between two ultimates seems really cool, being able to store all six turrets at once is going to be very useful indeed, especially with a reduced cooldown too, and thank god they're getting rid of the shield... seriously, 25 shield doesn't help anybody! The new shield thing sounds really interesting, and makes her seem more viable on an attacking team too (Although I already play her while attacking too lol)

I've played a few games as Symmetra on the PTR now. I definitely like the changes, she finally feels like a hero that is viable on most maps on both attack and defense, instead of a character that was only viable on a handful of maps before.