Forums - Politics Discussion - Day 1 after Trump wins: Racism comes back stronger...

It has begun...

Honestly if this is all true and not made up then this is just sick.

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Seems like standard racist BS we get everywhere, just with the current topic added at the end:

"racist BS blah blah blah... because Trump won!"

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

Could had been a nuke instead...

“Simple minds have always confused great honesty with great rudeness.” - Sherlock Holmes, Elementary (2013).

"Did you guys expected some actual rational fact-based reasoning? should already know I'm all about BS and fraudulence." - FunFan, VGchartz (2016)

This is what happens when you keep telling a race that they are racist, that they are immune to being hurt and should feel guilty about being that color on a daily basis. It will blow up in one way or another.

Well, when you're supported by the KKK, what do you think is going to happen. The KKK could support anybody they wanted but they chose Trump. They didn't support Bush, Clinton, etc. they supported Trump. The video about being called a Nigger while in school is simply disgusting. America wanted the 50's back, and that's why they voted so strongly. That's why those "hidden voters" (aka. KKK) got out and voted. Racism isn't dead, it was just hidden, until now.  People at Trump rallies said "Fuck them Niggers" and we don't think there are deplorables/racists planted within his party and his supporters? Come on. 

Trump stands to divide our nation, whether you think so or not. It may not be his intentions but that's what has happened. As an African American male, I'm disgusted by the way people feel they need to disrespect others based on genetics. I swear I'm moving out of Indiana real soon here, right after college. Get around people who are trying to get somewhere rather than be stuck in their own sad ways.

I knew this was going to happen. That's why America is hurting so much right now. I wouldn't have cared if Romney or McCain won because they weren't about being disgusting towards other races and normal people. Trump...he just has no values.

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A nation of 300m people, isolated incidents and hearsay stuff doesn't mean racism is on the rise.

AbbathTheGrim said:
Seems like standard racist BS we get everywhere, just with the current topic added at the end:

No..that'd be some of them, like incidents that could happen at any day. The comments though, are clearly time specific and only happening because of the election. Saying those things would make no sense in other occasions

Yup. Its going exactly as I said it would. White Power makes its triumphant return. I'm expecting full on civil rights era racism by the time he is sworn in.

I went to a high school that was about 50% white and 50% black. Both sides had agitators who'd start shit because they wanted to fight. That's nothing new and it's never going away. If it's not skin color then it will be something else.

The biggest bullies in the grade above mine were white. The biggest bullies in my grade were black. I actually had the bad luck to be in homeroom with the worst ones. They'd kick my book-bag or the back of my chair and say "cracker" while pretending to cough. I hated going in that class.

It was already like that in USA. Why the heck are people so surprise ?

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