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So thought I would make a little thread here about all things VR related, like what games I've played and what I thought. Feel free to discuss and contribute.


Batman Arkham VR - Very Short, 1 hour playthrough. great graphics. No combat or free roaming ( only warp to pre set destinations). 


Until Dawn. Rush of Blood - my first psvr game and I loved it. Graphics are decent. Plenty of jump scares and just shooting things and enemies is great fun. A little on the short side though but had replay ability ( high scores, multiple routes etc. Would recommend . 


Here They Lie - not played a great deal of this game but what I have is ok. Blurry graphics though and again no combat, just run around avoiding ( pretty scary monsters) Very dark and disturbing. Did give me motion sickness at first though but changed control settings seems better now. 

Kitchen ( resi  evil tease) - Scared the soul out of me. Play it loud and at night. Then hide under duvet until morning. 

VR Playrooms - It's free and alot of fun for a few hours what more can  you ask for? Plus the platforming robot escape shows the future for platformers imo. Great fun.

Looking forward to Robinson The Journey ( 11/11/16) and Paranormal Activity VR (2016) and the big one Resident Evil 7 (24/01/2017)

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after i tried it with ps4pro

Tagging for later

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Heard very good things about Rez, Thumper, Eve and Driveclub VR, the latter will be probably much better with a Pro.

Lovin it! Could do with more games and apps but I'm sure we will see a ton of content soon.

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I'll let you know on thursday

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I love batman so far. I haven't played rush of blood yet. I think its just so cool to explore everywhere you can.

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Batman was one of my favorite games. Tons of Easter eggs. Top notch production values, too.

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"Batman Arkham VR" was a great VR experience. I played it twice (missed too much in the first run, so much details to explore) and I'll probably play it again, if it gets a Pro-patch. So the price for 2 - 3 hours entertainment was okay, a new 2-hour Blu-ray movie doesn't cost less.

"Until Dawn: Rush of Blood" was great fun, too. Where else can you shoot monsters in a thrill ride?

"Wayward Sky" was a nice puzzle game with a unique graphic style.

Haven't finished "Bound" yet, but I love it so far.

"Super Star Dust Ultra VR" is an okay alternative to "Battlezone", if you don't want to invest 50 - 60 bucks.

I also bought "Drive Club VR", but I'm waiting for the Pro-patch.

Actually I'm playing "PlayStation VR Worlds".... not worth 40 - 60 bucks, but I rented it for €10 for a week. "VR Luge" is "meh" (although the time trials are a bit more fun than the normal mode), "Ocean Descent" is a nice but very short experience. "Danger Ball" is great fun if you like "air hockey" games... it is a kind of first person "Pong" and the opponents have different abilities. "The London Heist" is also an interesting but short VR experience... its shooting sequences are fun, especially with 2 move controllers. My favorite of that bundle is "Scavenger's Odyssey" least an hour exploring asteroids and shipwrecks in space and shooting aliens... the ship computer's voice and attitude reminded me of Cortana.

Okay. Got my PSVR the Saturday after it came out. Still use it all of the time. Here's what I own:

PlayStation VR Worlds: Great little showcase of what the hardware can do. Something for everyone. I repeatedly go back and play London Heist, Ocean Descent, and Danger Ball. Haven't really tried the rest. Street Luge is underwhelming.

All games on this disc sport high production value and gives you a good taste of how immersive VR can be. Even the menu screens have given me several minutes of fun interacting with something that isn't really there. Your mind tricks you into thinking something is really in front of you! Your mileage may vary, though. The games are all quite short, based on my experience.

Here They Lie: I heard good things about it so I bought it. Scary as heck despite the fact that absolutely nothing has happened during my first 30 or so minutes of play. Looking forward to giving this game some time. It's the only one that made me feel kinda motion sick. I was already feeling ill that morning, though.

Bound: Looks good in VR despite being a third person experience. I need to play it more to give an actual informed opinion.

The Playroom VR: I've almost ignored this game because it was free. At the behest is others, I went back and gave it a try. So far, it's outstanding! I can see this one getting a lot of mileage. The platforming game is so addicting and feels really fresh. Can't wait to see what others can do with a game in the same vein.

Batman Arkham VR: my favorite experience. Hopefully nobody spoils the story or the puzzles because this game should be experienced blindly. Lots of surprises, lots of Easter eggs, and details. The main story is short but when that's done, there's plenty to mess around with.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood: Didn't really like the premise but upon playing it, it has really won me over. You look at your hands and see guns--and it feels like your really holding them! From there in, it's just "point and shoot" but unlike most rail shooters, you feel like you're present in that world. Graphics could be better but you can't go wrong with this "must play"

Aside from that, I've played with some VR cinematic experiences like Alumette and Invasion. Fun to watch and gets me excited about what a Heavy Rain styled game could be.

I've also played with the VR video apps. Watching 360 videos is okay, I guess. They don't offer anywhere near the satisfaction of an actual 3D world. Your mind isn't fooled with any of these. Still worth checking out but keep your expectations low.

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