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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Leaving VgChartz

Some of you just take sales predictions much too seriously.


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I don't see how thats a reason to leave...

“Simple minds have always confused great honesty with great rudeness.” - Sherlock Holmes, Elementary (2013).

"Did you guys expected some actual rational fact-based reasoning? should already know I'm all about BS and fraudulence." - FunFan, VGchartz (2016)

Later alligator. Don't let the door hit ya ass on ya way out.

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Bye bye!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Don´t do it. Take a break and come back for the forums, numbers and articles. Good people here =(

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.

You will be back. Everyone comes back eventually. You will miss the awesome people on this site that you can't find anywhere else on the internet. So many crazy fun people here.


Hey! They got SONY on my amiibo! Wait a minute. Two great gaming tastes that game great together!

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Saying "this item will suck because I say it sucks" is not a sales prediction.

Also bye.

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