Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would you rather #2- PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One S, or Switch?

Out of the following, which would you buy?

PS4 Pro 99 36.80%
PS4 slim 5 1.86%
Xbox One S 6 2.23%
Nintendo Switch 66 24.54%
PS4 Pro+ Nintendo Switch 49 18.22%
Xbox One S+ Nintendo Switch 11 4.09%
PS4 Pro+ Xbox One S 10 3.72%
PS4 Slim+Nintendo Switch 11 4.09%
PS4 Slim+Xbox One S 2 0.74%
I'm too broke to afford anything 10 3.72%

Xbox One S and Switch.

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I will be getting NS and PS4 Pro and sell my old PS4. Depend on the game tho, if they have a good release games and can have backward comp with 3ds i might buy NS first but if not then PS pro first then NS in a couple of month.

History illustrates why you'd state it has mediocre 3rd party support, however this is the first Nintendo console in a few generations that:

1) has identical controls
2) supports identical middleware technology

I really don't think you should assume it will have mediocre 3rd party support. Of course the first year announced games will prove what will happen, but at the moment I'd base my assumptions on same 3rd party games.

PS4 Pro will probably be my next purchase. I don't know any current gen consoles yet and have been quite content with PC but some upcoming PlayStation exclusives have my interest.

Switch is possible down the line for Zelda and potential JRPGs. That'd be at least one price cut away, though.

Ka-pi96 said:
Out of those the PS4 Slim.

The Pro doesn`t do anything the Slim doesn`t and costs more. I prefer PS games to Xbox (and Nintendo for that matter), so the S is out. And the Switch isn`t confirmed to have achievements yet so that`s out by default.

Have you really looked at the PS4pro' specs with regard to the PS4's (includes slim) specs?

Cost wise you are looking at a 500GB PS4slim being $300 USD compared to a 1TB PS4pro at $400 USD (original price of the launch PS4).  While there is no 1TB PS4slim pricing for the US at the moment you could reasonably add $30 to $50 USD to the price.

You also have to consider that the PS4pro has a SATA3 bus (up to 600MB/sec) compared to the SATA 2 bus (up to 300MB/sec) of the PS4slim. In addition, it is over twice the graphic performance as well as 30% more in processing power and can display by smart upscaling and even native (depends on the game) 4K output.

Paying an extra $70 to $50 USD more is IMHO worth it and I am saying that as a PS4 owner.

The thing is no one is forcing you to purchase a PS4pro or PS4slim or any game machine for that matter the choice is totally up to you.

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I wont be getting the switch since i can just play zelda on the wii u. I dont care about handheld gaming cause when im outside i can hardly put away my galaxy s7 so i will go with ps4 pro.

None in the poll



PS4 OG + Nintendo Switch + PC


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PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, oh is that cheating? PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch then.

I got a Xbox One S. So I'll most likely get a PS4 Pro. I don't want to live through yet another incredibly weak hardware cycle from Nintendo.

WiiU and PC :) But voted PS4P, because I'll eventually get one when enough games pile up. Was going to get an X1 eventually once again, but I hate the OS, and there are no games I want that aren't on PC as well.

Nintendo has the best exclusives that aren't available on PC (imho), but I only had a 3DS for a while, and found WiiU to be prohibitively expensive for what it was, so I simply skipped it until it gets dirt cheap used. I figure I'll see them less than $100 after Switch comes out.

I have such limited time for gaming that it's a waste of money for me to chase the latest stuff, particularly if there are no titles I'm interested in. And with BOTW coming for WiiU, I don't need a switch for at least 5 years or so. And if Nintendo breaks their promise and cancels Zelda for the U, then screw them, I won't buy any of their stuff ever again.