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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Geometry Wars: Galaxies for Wii and DS!


Nintendo Power has a small article announcing Geometry Wars Galaxies on The Wii and DS.

It’s being handled by the developers of Battalion Wars, and will feature an extensive single-player game.  Wii version will use the motion control, and DS will use the touch control. This game is exclusive to these platforms (…for now). Each version will feature a multiplayer mode. Both Versions from Retro Evolved will be included.

Expect this to hit this fall.


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This could be an awesome DS title. Glad to see it come to the Wii as well.

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Meh... Xbox live game for full price on Wii or DS? I'll pass...

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ckmlb said:
Meh... Xbox live game for full price on Wii or DS? I'll pass...

1. It doesn't say anywhere that it's the same game. It's another game based on the very succesful original.

2. It doesn't say it's full price either. Might be a Virtual Console download for all we know.  

Awesome. Awesome to the max.

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Geometry Wars is my favorite Live arcade game, but not sure how it can possibly will work with the wiimote.

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I believe it was said that this game is a Virtual console game on the Wii, so it will most likely cost around the same as the Xbox game. On the DS I expect it to ship for around the same price as Brain Age or slightly higher. So it hopefully won't be too much $$.

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