Forums - Sales Discussion - September 2016 NPD Thread! XBO #1; PS4 Slim flops

1. NBA 2K17
2. Madden NFL 17
3. FIFA 17
4. NHL 17
5. Bioshock: The Collection
6. Destiny: The Collection
7. Grand Theft Auto V
8. Overwatch**
9. Forza Horizon 3*
10. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

*No digital sales.
**No digital sales.

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Destiny is a big time seller man, it charts high whenever there is a new version of it released. Last year it sold 540k with The Taken King's retail version and logic dictates that it probably did better digitally due to there already being like 4 million owners in the US (at the time) of the vanilla Destiny who obviously don't want to buy a retail expansion of the same game that they already own. I'm referring to the Destiny collection charting at #5

October is sports game domination. Also, GTAV's legs are insane, and not a great start for Forza Horizon 3.

Oh my God. This gen sucks compared to last gen. 4 sports games followed up by two collections and a 3byears old game? I'mean not against those game. In fact I bought NBA, Fifa and Bioshock and will buy Madden and NHL if I had time to play them. But it shows we don't have big games this gen. Maybe we we were spoiled last gen we got used to a stream of good games almost every month.

Nintendo's 3DS was up 40% year over year, according to a statement from Nintendo. Its 2DS was a major contributor to those numbers, with sales up 110% over September of last year. According to NPD this was the fourth consecutive month in which 3DS sales increased over the same period last year.

123k last year, so 172k this year! 35k weekly sales on average ( rounded number ) !

( September is   a five weeks month )

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thismeintiel said:
jlmurph2 said:
Not surprising. There's nothing really enticing about the PS4 Slim that would warrant a buy over the normal PS4 or Pro. I'm expecting the same/bigger in October with the Gears 4 and Battlefield 1 console releases.

The Slim isn't about enticing people away from the OG or having them upgrade.  It's about getting costs down and selling the PS4 for the cheapest price.  The Pro is what current owners will be upgrading to and those that don't want to pay $399 for a new console, but still want a PS4, will get the Slim. 

Also, if Amazon is anything to go by, I doubt XBO will win Oct.  Even if it does, it'll be close like Sept was.  The Gears bundle will do well, but I have not seen any indication that the BF1 bundle is doing well anywhere online. 

Well it could be close. But they still pulled it out.