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Forums - Sales Discussion - PREDICTION: Pokémon moon and sun will sells over 20 million


Pokémon Sun and moon predictions

15 million or less 91 39.91%
16 million 42 18.42%
17 million 19 8.33%
18 million 19 8.33%
19 million 9 3.95%
20 million 24 10.53%
21 million 3 1.32%
22 million 2 0.88%
23 million 1 0.44%
24 million or more 18 7.89%

Too bad i make only now this prediction :-/ Since August 2016 i'm thinking something like this, but i never made a thread. Better late than never.

So yes, call it now, Pokémon MS will sell over 20 million lifetime.


Expect Pokémon MS to sells 16.5 million only in 2016. Sales breakdown:

This as ship+digital

Also expect a Nintendo pr some days after North America and Japan launch: 5 million unit sold first week (retail sales and digital)


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I think 17 million is more realistic



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16 million more likely

I voted 24 million or more because I want this to be the very best Pokemon game of all time. Even if its not looking that way.

After Gold/Silver, Pokemon has stayed stable around the 15m, usually higher. So I think a 16m units would be more precise, specially with a new console coming sooner than later.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Hasn't Pokemon Go died out already? (I honestly don't know) Just can't see a significant enough number of people going from free to $120+, but I could be wrong.

Einsam_Delphin said:
Hasn't Pokemon Go died out already? (I honestly don't know) 

not even close

8 million, the 3DS is dead, they shouldve put it on NX

All I can say is I'll be glad when it releases. I'm sick of it being in the top 20 on Amazon and having to update every God damn 3 - 4 hours.


The PS5 Exists. 

TorterraBoy said:
8 million, the 3DS is dead, they shouldve put it on NX