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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What do you call people that just play the same games?. like forever!.

Ostro said:
Fans/actual core gamers.
Why would they be casual when they spend 1-x hours a day on a game?

Of course, they are all casual and boring, idiots, time wasters or having a low IQ because they are not like "you" which makes them worse by definition. ;)

Where does casual mean "worse"? And I know tons of people who use to pour hours upon hours into Candy Crush, Sims etc, so I've personally never looked at it context of how much time you spend on a game, but thats just me. These are just loose semantics, I far as I'm aware there is no true definition.


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Boring people.


Lately I've been playing nothing but Age of Empires 2 online, Battlefront and the new Battlefield of course. And I feel like an unsophisticated idiot because I'm not paying attention to all these fantastic single player games I planned to play.

I've been that way for a bunch of years. Almost exclusively played one game, Halo Wars, for years now. And as of this writing it's a 7.5 year old game! I've been playing it since launch, and before that I was playing the crap out of its demo. However, back in the day I played a lot of things, including PGR. Thanks to Games With Gold I recently discovered how awesome Forza Horizon is, and how it's the true successor to PGR, so I'm expanding my (ahem) horizons again.