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Ganoncrotch said:
Maybe they're just appearing as offline to you and are playing other games?

But what do I call gamers who play any games... "Gamers" normally works for me.

No im on about like close enough friends who you hang around with but everytime you call over to their house they always playing the same game.

But yet they would destory you at said game. Are they hardcore or casual or just part time?.

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Werix357 said:
zero129 said:

I guess that would work lol xD.

It was the impression i got from the description you wrote. Also there is a way to break the drones signal :) you can get them to enter a hipnotic state buy playing a loop of the coin sound from mario games, once that is acomplished you can reprogram them :P

Lol i muat try that next time im around. Going to stick it on my phone lol xD.

StarOcean said:
I call them boring.

I have some friends who only play GTA V. Which would be fine but all they do is the same thing: Punch someone, run from cops, repeat.

I mean, sure maybe it can be fun sometimes but if thats ALL you do when you play games? I'm sorry, you're just fucking boring

Yeah i have a cuz and for real the last year and a half he has lived out his life in gta5 online. Only time he left the game was to eat shit and piss.

binary solo said:
I call them smart. If you can hook into one or two games and never look at anything else then you save yourself a helluva lot of money.

If I was actually any good at Rocket League and Smite and playing competitive online didn't almost give me anxiety attacks I'd probably play them exclusively. But alas single player is my comfort zone, and you can't play one or two single player games indefinitely as your entire gaming hobby.

I guess this is a good point too. Thing is most of my friends im on about maybe could play the games pro. My cuz josh is always always on CoD games or CSGo and his like unreal at the thing. But me i dont know whats wrong with me but i think i have too many games cos i have a hard time thinking of what to play so i guess in a way i do think they are lucky. I think i might try getting into rocket league.

I'll do a mix of both. I would call them hardcasual gamer ;)

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Outside of playing the odd few games each year, I find myself going back to Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and sometimes older games that I can easily hope back into.

I guess you could count me as that, but I only hop back into some of those because they keep me entertained and keep me coming back for more. I love playing with friends on heroes as well as having goof matches and sharing different builds/strats. I love jumping back into WoW now and then to catch up on quests that get me mounts that I never bothered getting over the years or cosmetic items.

Tbh though, there are a lot of us here that always have a game or three to fall back on, let alone a genre. I don't think there is a proper definition of what those people are, well without trying to name them in a non negative way.


You guys are seriously insulting people for playing games they enjoy? No wonder gamers get such a bad rep...

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Well I'm at 1300h of Rocket League and I recently met new friends so I'm not stopping any time soon.
It's not really my fault that I don't play anything else. It's the industry's fault for not releasing other good games regularly. The last other game I played was Mirror's Edge and since then nothing else was released. This year there is only FFXV and WoFF and then it's back to RL again because the next good game is months away.

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I have played StarCraft pretty solidly for the last 18~ years, but sprinkle other games in between.

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