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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What do you call people that just play the same games?. like forever!.

Ok so i noticed with some of my friends no matter the system they have a core set of games that they only mostly always plays.

some of my PC friends are hooked on Dota and CSGo and WoW and nothing else matters.

some of my PS4and XB1 friends are stuck on GTA online, CoD and Fifa.

My WiiU friends are Mario Kart and Splatoon and Smash.

Now clearly this isnt all my friends but the ones who are. What would they be called? are they casual gamers? yet they spend more time playing them games then i would playing like 10 different games. Are they hardcore and im the casual gamer?. They can wipe my ass in any of them games (But not others ) .

Or is the another name for such a group of gamers?.

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I would call them drones

Werix357 said:

I would call them drones

I guess that would work lol xD.

Maybe they're just appearing as offline to you and are playing other games?

But what do I call gamers who play any games... "Gamers" normally works for me.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

zero129 said:
Werix357 said:

I would call them drones

I guess that would work lol xD.

It was the impression i got from the description you wrote. Also there is a way to break the drones signal :) you can get them to enter a hipnotic state buy playing a loop of the coin sound from mario games, once that is acomplished you can reprogram them :P

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I call them boring.

I have some friends who only play GTA V. Which would be fine but all they do is the same thing: Punch someone, run from cops, repeat.

I mean, sure maybe it can be fun sometimes but if thats ALL you do when you play games? I'm sorry, you're just fucking boring

[game name] fans

or hardcore [game name] fan ??

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I mean what else do we play on Wii U lol. Smash Bros is an obvious choice. Besides like 5 games, there's close to no fun online multiplayer games



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I call them smart. If you can hook into one or two games and never look at anything else then you save yourself a helluva lot of money.

If I was actually any good at Rocket League and Smite and playing competitive online didn't almost give me anxiety attacks I'd probably play them exclusively. But alas single player is my comfort zone, and you can't play one or two single player games indefinitely as your entire gaming hobby.

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