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The first episode released this week and I came away very interested in how the story will handle this concept.  The budget in terms of acting talent and special effects is stunning making it feel closer to a long film than a television series.  The first episode establishes the premise and leaves open plenty of threads so cannot really make a judgment yet, but I'm definitely on board to see where it goes as love conceptual science fiction.

Have you watched it?  If not, have any interest in watching it?  If so, what did you think?

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Beautiful scenery and direction. I just think the concept has already been done many times before. I will watch the next episode but I can already have a good picture of where it is headed, I dunno, I am neutral. Let's see what they have in store for us.

hmm, I`ll try it. The plot sounds a bit limited to me, but eh I`ll see how it goes.

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I did, is good, it has a very interesting plot, is overall well made and with beautiful localizations, it didn't impressed me as much as the pilots from other shows this year like Vinyl and Stranger things, but I liked it quite a bit and I'm definitely interested in.

I love good sci-fi shows, sadly there's no many good ones, hope this is one of them.

Jonathan Nolan and J.J Abrams Directed this movie

If you know what's that even mean


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Westworld series as in based on the epic 70's film?

Going to have to watch this.

Man cinematic television series is the best thing from this decade.

WoodenPints said:

Westworld series as in based on the epic 70's film?

Going to have to watch this.

Yes, this is a "reboot" of sorts.  Takes the concept and story, but done in a series with many aspects updated.

Loved the movie as a kid (Yul Brynner was such a badass)...will check this out, even though Jar Jar Abrams is involved.

Best new series Ive seen in a really long time.
This is the one to watch folks, go watch it seriously.

this is a 10/10.

Watch the first episode once, get the experiance, wait abit and rewatch it. You pick up so much more the 2nd time around, small things you didnt know the full weight and meaning of the first time you watched it.