HDR Is Coming To All 40 million PS4s Next Week

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StokedUp said:
What is HDR? seriously I don't have a clue. It's obviously a good thing

Only if your TV supports it

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Yes, that was great news.

Well HDR is good but maybe check IF your TV support IT first.


StokedUp said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Short answer, makes the colors look noticably better on your TV if it supports it.

So what sort of TV do we need? I have a 55inch Samsung smart tv, will this do. Also is the pro not worth getting if your tv isn't a 4K tv? 

You need a HDR tv that supports wide color gamut at a minimum to notice the difference. So if you go here, there is a list of TVs that do. If you can't find your tv, just search the model number and look at the review. If the review says that the TV supports wide color gamut with HDR, then you will notice the difference.


We don't know exactly how HDR is supported on ps4/slim. You do need an actual output to support it so you might need ps4 pro to take full advantage. We will see when the update comes out.


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SvennoJ said:
I wonder how. Did they find a way to patch the HDMI port to be 2.0a compatible?
Afaik HDR is restricted to 4K streams over HDMI, meaning the ps4 will have to upscale to 4K as well.
Or did they find some magic way to add HDR to 1080p for Sony tvs.
Or do they simply mean 10 bit 1080p output (deep color)

Guess we'll find out next week.

Yea I don't get this at all.

HDR needs a hdmi 2.0 port and that is not firmware upgradable. It's a hardware thing.

Only 4k Tv's support HDR i'm fairly certain as well, so how does this benefit 1080p players?

StokedUp said:
What is HDR? seriously I don't have a clue. It's obviously a good thing


In a nutshell:
- Current tv content and games adhere to rec.709 (8 bit color) representing about 34% of human color vision in a narrow brightness range.
- LCD/LED tvs have been able to show more and brighter colors for a while now, however the content wasn't there, hence vibrant mode usually looks like ass.
- HDR is part of a wider color gamut, DCI P3 color space, which can show up to 46% of human color vision, at 4 times the color resolution (10 bit color)
- HDR stands for high dynamic range, meaning better definition in dark scenes and specular highlights, bright skies and sun reflections look more realistic instead of a simple whiteout. More details in the darkest and brightest areas.

Less black crush, less whiteout, less color banding.

Hmmmmm need to check if my tv supports HDR

I expect the release of HDR alongside the 4.0 firmware update.

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huge game changer