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Holidays out of the way before announcement.

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9/16/16 is my birthday so if they reveal it then I would be so freaking happy.

9/18/16, love both number 9 and 18, my wish

PS4 Neo revile is 09.09, and year later TGS is starting, so I think Nintendo will revile NX after TGS, so I would say 09.21, but there are chances to be revile and week after.

Also I see some people saying 09.23, that isn't realistic at all because that is friday end of week and we almost never have any big news at end of week, Nintendo never held any revile (or Nintendo Direct for instance) at friday.


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02/01/2017 - happy new year!



I don't know.

29 september. Or in bizarro-format; 09/29/2016


09/23/16. I had to search in my butt a few minutes to pull out that prediction!

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RolStoppable said:

It hurts to write in a messed up format like that.

agreed.... 09/14/2016

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