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Wow, great day for the US women athletic athletes today! Clean sweep in the hurdles :O


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Nymeria said:
Your thoughts? Is it endearing to see siblings finish together? Or is it making light of the competition and just seeking attention?

I tend to be optimist and think they train together and happened to be close to one another and given finish 81st and 82nd decided to finish together. Honestly the controversy seems to get more headlines than the act itself.

Don't see anything wrong with it. It's not like they were going to win a medal, and tried to tie the race so they could both win a medal or something...


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Great month to be an American.

Some great events on today, Triathlon starting the day, Gomez would have won it but he's not there so it's open for the Brownlee brothers or Mola to take it.

Hmm, pie.

Ka-pi96 said:
BraLoD said:
By the way, we might have a Brazil vs Germany final on football... uh-oh, gonna be very interesting!

Woah, just imagine if it were to end 7-1 again

I have a bad feeling about that match...... Germany had more difficult opposition in its way to the final. They seem to be very well prepared.  They already killed our dreams of a gold medal on beach volleyball, where we were clear favorites........

German footballers seems to like a lot playing in Brazil.

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Bye bye gold medals for Brazil........

Really hurting defeats on women´s football, volleyball, beach volleyball and handball........ouch!
Now our chances are on men´s football and volleyball.

Watching the Triathlon, so far so good for Brownlee's, Mola is a long way down.

While looking about, I thought I'd see what is going on with the Pentathlon, as I'd not heard about it at all, wondered it was done or still going on. Discovered the french athlete, Elodie Clouvel in the process.

Hmm, pie.

I could see Germany getting gold in women's and men's football which would be an amazing accomplishment.

Of course Sweden and Brazil are no push overs.

British with an incredible all round performance.

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Team GB killing it. 21 golds, 21 silvers & 13 bronze