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Who is most recognizable?

Mario 113 34.14%
Mickey Mouse 218 65.86%
Lawlight said:
SpokenTruth said:

You can't look at it that way.  Madagascar is just 22 million people.  That's the size of a small province in China.

If we were counting popularity by individual countries, Mickey would easily win given the numerous countries like Madagascar.


Though I agree overall that Mickey has the edge due to age and consitent relevance the whole time.

India has a population of 1.3B. Use that one as an example.

While not as popular as Mickey, Mario is actually well known there than most people would think.

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Lawlight said:

Yeah, I doubt a lot of people in Madagascar or India know Mario.

Why? My girlfriend is currently on holidays on a remote indonesian island, and the motorcycle safety helmet she got from her guide had a huge Mario face on it. Super funny photo :)

Anecdotal evidence, but as far as I know, Mario's recognition rate is higher than Mickey Mouse in Asia. Especially on target audience.

Mickelson iconographic is unbeaten but Mario is more relevant so probably more known by younger generations. I havent seen any Mickley Mouse related in years

I'd say Mickey is more recognizable overall, but Mario is very relevant today, and is probably more recognizable in our current society.

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Darth Vader.

But no seriously both are probably the top, but I think Mickey Mouse just about edges it.

Under 40: I'd say about equal

Over 40: Mickey by a considerable amount


Older generations know Mickey. They don't know Mario.
Children and toddlers know Mickey. They don't know Mario too, since they don't play Nintendo any more. There's Mickey on their tablets. There's no Mario there.

Everyone knows Mickey.

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Everyone who remotely knows of Disney knows Mickey Mouse. Not everyone knows Mario especially older generations.

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Mickey is more of an icon and equivalent with Disney as a brand. I'd say Mario stands out more as a character.