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Ganoncrotch said:

You can play wow in first person... and as a hunter you can have a gun to shoot with, thus making it an online FPS right?

That said.

2 Years+ spent in WoW, 1 account over the past 11 years. Scary stuff.

As in 17,520 hours of play time?

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967 hours on Uncharted 3. I have more on Uncharted 2 but can't verify because they reset leaderboards.

Most of my onlinetime is on Cod !! When i have to pick a single Game, it was like 40-45 Days Playtime on Bo2 :D

Splatoon with about 240 hours and still counting.

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S4 league by far, but I've no idea how much time i spent on that game. Definitely over 100hrs.

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Battlefield Bad Company 2. God I had so much fun with Rush mode. The Seiga shotgun was a beast.

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I'm not sure if there's a counter in Goldeneye 007, but if there was I'd be curious to take a look at it. I played that game absurdly much back in the day.

Roughly 130 days spent playing killzone 2 multiplayer

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One account eh. COD: MW2 for 246 hours. 

1500 hours on Destiny. Before Destiny 1000 hours on Black Ops 1 was the most.