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This guy apparently posted info on NX a little while ago, he's Brazilian, but a poster on NeoGaf translated his comments (roughly):

I participate in a japanese forum group that releases Dragon Ball Super spoilers, but the Brasilians in Japan just released something about the Nintendo NX that, if true, may interest a lot of people.

As a matter of fact, the console will be a hybrid! What a special thing! The LCD screen can be deallocated from the console kind of like a Tranformer LOL for real. *The console is a small and thin box with connections to the portable LCD, battery, extension, those that fit with phones with a case, it's possible even to personalize the controls*NOTE from names:this sentence makes no sense.

A hybrid that will be just like a Transformer. I am sharing it here because no one commented on this.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo but this is the style of how it looks: 
But everything is in a box with connextions that are well organized and easy to plug in.

Soon details about this rumour will be released. I am just letting you all know early. The chip used is a Tegra N1, more powerful than Nvidia's X1.

The purposed price will be of $300, the LCD will be sold for $100-200 depending on the size and resolution. The controllers will be extra to assemble on it in a portable form for $50.

It will support cartridges to give it more functionalities of future connections and consume less energy, making the storage capacity higher..

Or if you buy the console with less memory, this will be expanded by the cartridge itself according to the game, just like old days with the same style as games with Chip FX on the SNES.

It is something quite new really... That's why Microsoft would be talking about console upgrades, not of GPU and CPU but of accessories.

I got really happy with this rumour and hope that you like it. And source(s)? You will see in 2 months when it is authorized for the info to be released. Unfortunately I can't confirm the rumour due to it being obtained in a non legal way


If this is correct it sounds like you can build the console hybrid in different configurations and it can even be upgraded with upgrade cartridges. This would make sense, because mobile chips like the Tegra X1 are tiny, NX having an upgradable "cartridge bay" for future processors would give the system a lot of flexibility. 

DO NOT take that picture from NeoGaf too literally, that is NOT the NX, he (the poster) is just saying it looks sorta like that (dev kit?). 

The interesting thing I took from that is it sounds like you might even be able to pick which screen you want (?). 

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More (better translations).

Basically it sounds like you can buy the base console for cheap (720p, 30 fps) but the base console which is portable can have cartridge module upgrades plug into it which increase power.

Apparently Microsoft already knows this and it copying the idea already, lol

It's just you guys still didn't get the modular concept, understand that it's possible to increase the console's capacity upgrading the expansion modules. Basically if someone wants the "basic console" it'll play stuff at 720p and 30 fps in its portable form. If they want to play on the TV they can use the expansion module that works as an external egpu with the graphical power of a PS4. If they want something better, Nintendo may release a egpu model for 4K TVs.

Remember that current consoles are going to have different versions and the industry is going down the PC and smartphones' road, where games run at different graphical configurations.

Did you get it now, the modular concept?
The egpus are like cartridges that fit in the portable console.

That sounds fucking awesome honestly, I have some doubts Nintendo would be this bold though. 

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Can you add a link to the gaf thread?

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That's definitely an idea Nintendo should pursue. Being able to play any game at any graphical quality would be an incredible feat for gaming. It would also extend the longevity of the console allowing the upgrades to essentially give you a brand new console for less of a price.

Theres no possible way. Who is going to pay$300 for a console and an additional $200 for a screen plus another $50 for a controller? Thats not even logical! So a base unit is $550 and you would need to upgrade that further? And why a portable console? Whos going to pay that type of money just to lose or brake?

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So the link to whatever his image is does not work for me. Anyone have a new link?

Would be very contrary to Nintendo's strategy which has always revolved around simplicity and accessibility. If this is like the Eurogamer thing, but with different docks making for different graphics, that would be a much better product. But, there is a big risk of fragmentation. It'd have to be done really carefully.