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10 hour flight from Miami to Berlin. I had a headache on this flight and the guy next to me was farting all the time. I thought I would die.

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The worst people I ever sat next to were the military crew of a C5-A Galaxy on a flight from Dover AFB in Delaware to Ramstein AB in Germany. The reason why wasn't because they were being jerks, far from it. It was because they were playing their Game Boys.

It was Christmas of 1989, and I'd just gotten a Game Boy, and we were flying to Germany using Space-A. My dad had been told I couldn't take my new Game Boy on the plane because it would interfere with the navigation equipment. Yet there were three or four airmen playing their Game Boys. :)

BasilZero said:
Thankfully in all my rides my parents sat next to me.

Anyways....what was terrible were people in front or behind me.......killin mah personal space yo :(

(When they move their seats or try to open the pads (or w/e you call them to put food and stuff on).

Same, that or with friends.

I absolutely hate those kind of people that be like "fuck everyone behind me, I paid for this and I'll damn well squish their knees/legs with my chair as much as I want". I hardly ever recline my own chair because I know full well what it feels like for the person sitting behind me. I wish airlines would just improve the seating space for regular paying flyers because even with the extra legroom doesn't seem to matter once someone starts to recline their seat.

I think the worst case I;ve been in is sitting in the middle area of the plane while there was a crying baby seated just 2 rows from me and another 4-5 rows back, both constantly crying on and off the the whole 8 hour journey to Orlando. I honestly don't know why parents bring their babies with them on holidays when most of the time they kick and scream and make a scene/ruin it for the rest of us. My own folks even said that they didn't take me to Florida until I was 6, my sister when she was 5 because they didn't want to go on holiday with screaming kids. I honestly don't even know why parents bring babies to watching films as well, it makes no sense because loud noises of any kind tend to set them off.


Long flight I was on and a Chinese family (mostly female and middle aged) refused cabin food but ate noodles or something a lot through the flight and were continually passing gas. Horrible....just horrible.

I sat next to a guy who smelled like beer and cat piss. To top it off the air conditioning on the plane went out, in June, in Phoenix. Fortunately it was only a 4 hour flight.

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hershel_layton said:
I remember when I was sitting next to this old grandma.

I accidentally bumped into her and she went ahead and called me a bitch.

I guess that's about it.

Holy God I would have laughed in her face so hard.

Dulfite said:
I'm too busy trying not to die being in a plane in the sky to be concerned with what other people are like or are doing.

Do you do the same in a car?

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Went on holiday with my friend and his family to Spain a couple of years ago and on the way back they were all sat together and I was in the row in front beside some fat guy with a weird breathing problem and seriously bad breath. I can still smell his breath now when I think about it

18 hour flight between a fat couple. I asked one to switch me since they know each other, and they refused. Halfway through the flight they offered to switch...

18 hour flight back next to a sick lady, got sick within 2 weeks. Luckily I wasn't sick at all on my vacation.