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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mini-NES won't have more games beyond the 30 available, no online, etc.

Nintendo needs to take it a few steps forward and have a "Nintendo Box" that does connect online that will play any Nintendo game ever made (or nearly all) thru at least the Wii- The box would start out with a cross section of titles from the different generations then you could order any other game in their library via online or you could subscribe to the library etc

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Looks like I'm buying my first ever Nintendo Console.

If this console had Contra, and the rest of Mega Man 1-6 I'd be sold immediately, so this is a darn shame.

i think it's great value for $60

Wasn't it obvious that the 30 would be the only ones available as well as it not being internet compatible? It's just a Plug-N-Play, except the games on it are actually good

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They could have sold extra cartridges with Earthbound, Dragon Quest, and other RPGs. Or a puzzle one with Puyo Puyo, Tetris, Yoshi's Egg and so on.

I guess it's worth it for those who like those 30 games or want to play them for the first time. I played those back then so I don't have much interest in playing them now. Personally, I think they should have just released those games as a collection for that price on the wii u and nx.

Has anyone had a think yet... of what is inside this console, I mean it would actually be easier for Nintendo to produce this and the OS for it by taking a Wii console and just fitting it with a fixed SD card full of the installed games.

Like this is not going to obviously have NES hardware inside it, but I'm really curious to see what it is packing, especially since it has a HDMI out and hopefully a decent scaling processor for HD tvs, otherwise this would just be a mess.

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onionberry said:
i think it's great value for $60

Indeed, some of these games alone would cost you that if you were to hunt them down on Ebay, but here you get the console, the games and the controller for the cost of one new AAA game, it really will be their stocking filling at Xmas I would think, people buying them as a cheap addon present for gaming kids or as nostalgia presents for peoples fathers who would have enjoyed these games as a kid themselves, it could just be the perfect product on the market for everyone.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

30 games is plenty does it have hdmi