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Which suit does Samus look best in? (Please see images below.)

"Zero" Swimsuit 44 28.76%
Classic Bikini 21 13.73%
Athletic Black 36 23.53%
Exotic String 52 33.99%

ATTENTION ALL!!!  Because of Photobuckets $#!TTy service, many of the images I uploaded has been deleted.  Please be patience while I try to rectify the situation by imgrating to another image host server.  Thanks. 


Welcome to the Unofficial VGChartz Summer Swimsuit Thread where you can post and view video game characters in bathing suits and bathing suit like attire. So before we get started, here are some guidelines to consider. I've tried to keep this as simple yet thorough as possible.

1) Who can post in this thread?

-If you have an account with VGChartz which normally allows you to post in forums, then you can post here, as well.

2a) What kind of characters may be posted?

-Any characters that have had an appearance in a video game may be posted in a bathing suit or bathing suit like attire, male or female. Yes, this does open a broad range (the broader, the better) of characters since characters who were originally in other media such as comic books and anime have been featured in video games as well. But to keep things simple if that character has been in a video game, let's see that character in a bathing suit.

2b) Does this include cosplay? (Added 7/14/2016)


3) What kind of media may I post?

-Images, gifs, videos, etc... As long as it depics a gaming character in a bathing suit or bathing suit-like attire in the spirit of this thread.

4) How NSFW may my posts be?

-All NSFW forum rules apply here like anywhere else.  Just use a little common sense. When in doubt, please refrain from posting anything that might break forum rules. You can always contact a moderator to approval of the images you want to post. This isn't necessarily a NSFW thread. But considering the nature of bathing suits, there is a very high possiility that the image in question might not be safe for work while still being non-pornographic. Hence, the thread topic will employ the "NSFW" label.

5) May I post links as sources to my images?

-Yes. You may post links to the sources of your images if felt lead to with the exception of links to pornographics websites. Let's use the website's message system when called to do so.

And just a few more things...

If possible, please identify the characters and what game or franchise that character is from. This by no means is a requirerment for posting, but having some form of identification and source will help those who are unfamiliar with the characters.

Lastly, any ideas to improve this thread are more than welcomed. I would prefer if you all would message me instead of posting ideas in this thread to minimize derailment.

Now, let's start posting some bathing bodies, and make this a lot of fun.

Please message me about any broken images in my posts.  Thanks.

POLL: Which suit does Samus look best in?  (Please cast your vote in the poll above.)


"Zero" Swimsuit^^^^^

Classic Bikini^^^^^

Athletic Black^^^^^

Exotic String^^^^^

Larger versions of the above images will be posted after the poll has closed.

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Purple Heart




Black Heart


Another Black Heart




Green Heart




White Heart


Neptune, Vert, Noire and Blanc.

All character are from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

That is some good stuff

Madoka Magica cast

Serah (FFXIII-2)

..and of course Lightning too

More later, as my PC is whining and needs maintenance

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Let's start with Final Fantasy, why not. (EDIT screw this, most images broke!)


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^Only Serah is working

Roronaa_chan said:

^Only Serah is working


ffs. I'll try to fix it tomorrow.

Wright said:
Roronaa_chan said:

^Only Serah is working


ffs. I'll try to fix it tomorrow.

Error 403 forbidden... no external linking I would think, you're going to have to lift them from that site and stick um on imgur I'd say.

Booooooo broken images preventing me from lurking silently in this thread!!

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