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Hmm not sure tbh.

Even though Smash is my favorite series, that series alone would get bland really fast IMO.

I don't really have any synergy with any other game series tbh, like if Zelda ended up being the only game series, I'd probably just quit gaming altogether.

I guess just to be an ass, Call of Duty.

Pokemon because the amount of different games that have been created from the main series to mystery dungeon is impressive to say the least. That's a lot of different games for a lot of different systems.

Shadow8 said:
Hyperdimensilnal Neptunia, there's a new one every few months so I'll never have to wait too long for the next one :P

As much as I like Neptunia it alone wouldn't satisfy me, it's more like a complement to the rest of gaming (and also relies on the rest of gaming for jokes/themes, it'd run dry without things to make fun of)

1) Atelier

2) Final Fantasy

Halo of course

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Warcraft. Ininite fun because of the level editor. If wow is counted too it'll make the case even stronger.


Pokémon. It beeing one of the biggest franchises in gaming means that this choice would be beneneficial for a big ammount of people interested in gaming.
Plus personal favourite franchise so...

"Final Fantasy" or "SMT + Persona" games.


Gotta go with Zelda. If only that series existed Nintendo would have to make that glorious home console remake of Majora's Mask at some point