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Forums - Sony Discussion - Nier Automata to have changes for localized versions

If it is for offending stuff some sort then just fuck off!


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Well they maybe mean they could change story instead censoring nudity or something, wasnt the original Niers story changed in the west too? To a Father daughter relationship instead seeking to save your girlfriend or something?
I hope if they change the story they will release the japanese story in asia with english subs, would be interesting to buy and play both.

It's the exact same team that did the original translation. They made changes to that script as well.

It was *GASP*.......fine.

Oh my god!!! Something that happens to nearly every Japanese to English game that only now people are starting to for some reason give a shit about it and claim it's called censorship. I don't care and no one else should since this has been happening since the beginning of video games and will continue to happen.

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I feel like the title should be changed to something less vague. Something like "Nier Automata's Script to Be Altered for Localization"

In the end, as has been mentioned, this is par for the course. Various aspects of Japanese culture don't translate well to other countries, just like American or European cultures probably don't translate perfectly to Japan. Changes always have to be made to craft a script that appeals to more than the weeb purists who believe Japan is perfection and that we should just learn to think and live like them.


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If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Censorship!! Tirany!!! Comunism!!!!

Don't support these evil companies, they have ruined the game!!!

Nah, I don't give a shit, game looks good, localization changes make sense, hysteria about this kind of things don't.

So an article was made because they're doing what should be done in translation lol. It's not about mimicking but giving the same sense and feel. If you don't understand then what's the point. Example, using soul reapers in bleach vs shinigami. For the English audience it makes sense while shinigami is a thing in Japan. No big deal. Plus I'm always for an altered script after mistakenly watching through oriemo's 2 seasons and ova ending...

This doesn't necessarily mean censorship. For example, in Persona 3 Mitsuru originally had English as her second language, however when it was localized they changed it to French. This is an example of a change, but not censorship.

Xxain said:
Werix357 said:
Don't the Japanese think robots can have a soul or something? I see it in a lot of themes they use in Anime's


Its not that Japanese think robots have souls, but the concept of machines gaining sentience is incredibly popular theme. 

Yeah sentience is the word, But that is basically the idea that advanced AI machine would have abilty to feel.

Anyway I don't think that would be reason change anything in this game But I'm finding hard to see any reasons why they would need to change anything in  this game.

I find one thing strange about Japanese developers, Is that they seem to see the West as diferent from Japan and holding these views comes across in the games they produce. At least thats my two cents