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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii Import review "Gundam: MS sensen 0079" and discussion

I've noticed a lack of import gaming threads, so If there is anyone else on here that like to import games from other regions, I propose we start sharing our expiriences! I have quite a few handheld games that I may write about in the future, but this is actually my first *gasp* console game I've ever imported. This is mainly because I usually don't like mod chips due to the usual "bricking of your system" that can and probably will happen due to firmware upgrades. Thats why I decided to pick up the Datel Wii Freeloader from all in all it was 30 dollars shipped.


To opperate the Wii Freeloader, for those interested, all you do is pop it in on the main menu screen and wait for the music and image to blur. once this happens all you do is eject the disk, and place in your imported disk in its place, and Presto! you beat the region coding.


The main game that I bought it for was "Mobile suit Gundam: MS sensen 0079." Being a huge gundam fan, I am usually dissapointed with some of the major Gundam games that come to the US. It seems that while the majority of them are pretty good for fans of the show, the majority (I'm looking at you Gundam SEED never ending Tomorrow) pretty much suck. I had heard nothing but good things about this new gundam game, and wanted to try it out....does it ddeliver?



speaking of which, there are usually 3 places that I try to go to if I want to import a game: - quick shipping, but more expensive - free shipping, but takes ages to show up -this is where I got gundam from, pretty good website, comparable to playasia


First thing I noticed when I got my package was that It came with a bonus DVD called the "MS sensen 0079 memorial disk" that contained interviews and other bonus materials, that were pretty cool looking, but since I don't know japanese, it was hard to really appreciate it.


The game itself is a First person shooter in the vein of metroid to a degree. To play the Wii remote is used to aim and shoot, while the nunchuck's control stick is used to move around.

other controls:

Z button - used to jump/dash

C button - lock-on to nearest enemy

B button - shoots

minus button - switches between weapons

A button - melee mode, Swinging the remote vertically and horizontally attacks. Along with the shooter element, you also fight alongside up to two AI-controlled allies.

"1" button - switches between squad formations.

U,D,L,R - sniper mode

as you can see the game has some pretty easy controls, new for any gundam game I've played, you can pick up discarded weapon's from fallen enemies in place of your own that may be out of ammo. This adds a little bit of room for error, so that you don't only have to rely on your melee attacks. there is also a sniper mode that allows you to try and blowoff a zakus head or arms in one shot, and adds a bit more strategy.

the missions are broken up into 2 story modes new to the game one for a federation pilot and one for a zeon pilot. there is also and "ace pilot" mode in which you unlock characters fromn the rest of the one year war uch as char and amuro. these story modes include the main stumbling block for anyone wanting to import the game, if you do not know japanese, all mission briefings, cut scenes or anything else is just talking head jibberish to you. Luckily so far the game has been a fairly simple game of "Kill all the red blips on you radar" so its pretty straightforward. also, if you have seen the original GUndam anime, you know all the dialog and missions already as the game follows it.


The only other downside to the game is that melee mode unfortuanately turns into "see how fast I can waggle the wii-mote until something dies", while this isn't bad per-se, it lacks strategy. maybe a sequel to the game will fix this as this game is almost a year old now, and did not benifit from leaps from FPS wii technology like Medal of Honor 2 or Metroid. The graphics are pretty cool, and I especially like the particle effects (ie: desert sandstorms, and nuclear reator explosions) that are not prevalent in any ps2 gundam games.


the roundup!



  • One of the best Gundam Games I've played in years
  • graphics are nice
  • Ace pilot mode includes old school faves
  • simple controls


  • Slight language barrier
  • waggle is kind of sloppy
  • could benifit from a sequel

I'd give this game like a 7.5 - 8 out of 10, because it improves on many of the ps2 gundam games, it doesn't use the wii controls to its fullest.  If you're not a gundam fan at all and are looking for a FPS, i'd say you may not like it as it plays a lot like a better controlling version of Red steel (it's a huge step above RS though).


some videos for anyone that read all that:







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I always thought this looked like an interesting game. I'd definitely rent it were it to come out NA side.

I'm a mod, come to me if there's mod'n to do. 

Chrizum is the best thing to happen to the internet, Period.

Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

Bet with dsisister44: Red Steel 2 will sell 1 million within it's first 365 days of sales.

I really hope it does, Bandai has really been kind of sketchy when it comes to liscensed games lately...hell I'd buy it again just for the language barrier to be gone. I also plan to pick up that Gundam Hammer game.  the thing that always confused me is that the spent however much money to bring over those Eureka 7 games with very little fanbase, while gundam games are placed on the backburner.  I can understand why SD G Generation games don't come over, but most of the action-oriented games do decently.

Reminds me of the Robotech game for the PS2.  I really wish there was a truly great anime-based mecha game out there.

Looks like a decent game, @Words Of Wisdom - me too, I had a Robotech game on the 'cube and it was good but it could've been better

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@ Words of Wisdom & Nintendo Man -

If you're talking about Robotech: battlecry, that game was really cool for when it came out....Robotech Invasion really let me down though, I was hoping that they'd make an evolution of battlecry's system.

For the most part MS sensen it is kind of like that, but more like that old dreamcast gundam game or even something like red steel with WAY better controls.

this is slightly off-topic, but has anyone played the gamecube gundam it worth getting?

wii this game come to NA anytime soon

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Sherlock99 said:
wii this game come to NA anytime soon

 I wish it would, but I seriously doubt it unfortunately, Bandai are the kings of bad business decisions including Gundam as of late....

really thats sad to here i wanted this game

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