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Forums - General Discussion - Is becoming a vegetarian/vegan worth it?

Over the summer I've been working on my eating habits, and I've started to see more and more online articles about vegetarian and vegan diets. 


Just curious, but for anyone who is a vegetarian/vegan(or tried to be one), do you think it's worth the sacrifices that are made(i.e no meat and whatnot)?


If being a vegetarian improves my life, I'll probably do over a course of one month. Won't be young forever, so it's smart for me to plan for the future.



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Nothing is worth never eating meat again.

I've been a vegetarian for 7 years and it's definitely been worth it. I lost 40 pounds and I feel a lot better about myself.

But you have to be extra careful about your diet. You're losing a lot of essential protein, iron, etc. when you remove meat from your diet. So you need to replace those things wisely.

I've thinking about trying the paleo diet. I think it's better than a vegan diet because you're not really losing anything of substance.

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It's unnatural. You can throw it in everyone's face, though. To me, that's totally worth it!

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I have no plans to try vegan or vegetarian. Meat is just too natural. Your brain itself is even mostly fat.

I'm trying paleo myself for like 80% on week days. 24/7 of it will likely lead to insanity :p.

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I went vegetarian for a month last year in one of those "give something up for a month" fundraisers. Absolutely hated it.

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I went vegetarian about 5 years ago.

I found it made no difference at all. I didn't miss meat at all. My health seemed more or less the same. And I'm not vegan so it's not actually difficult to do.

It's just a bit cheaper with food shopping and you're not killing as many animals. So yes, it's worth it.

If you are worried about your health, better than being a vegetarian is having a good balanced diet and some fitness in your daily schedule.

I was putting on a lot of weight (went from 8 stone to 11.5 stones within a year when I hit 30). All I did was change how much I eat and what I eat.

I cut down to only one fizzy drink a day, lots of water, less red meat (no more than once a week), more veg in my diet (mixing veg and meat is amazing), using olive and rapeseed oil instead of vegetable oil, nothing sweet immediately after a main meal, not eating too late and most importantly... making sure you treat yourself once in a while.

I'm no expert or anything and i got nothing against vegans/vegetarians that dont want to eat animals anymore but doing it for diet purposes seems strange to me. Although not a necessity im pretty sure meat is good for you. You can still have a healthy diet that involves meat.