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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Buy An XB1s Now Or Wait For The Scorpio?


Buy A XB1s Now Or Wait For The Scorpio?

Buy XB1s Now 23 23.00%
Wait for Scorpio 46 46.00%
Show Me The Resolution 31 31.00%

I just thought it would be interesting to see what people will do


The PS5 Exists. 

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If you want an XB1.... i'd probably get one now, it's still about 15 months till Scorpio launches and that thing is going to be damn expensive.

I already have X1, I'm skipping Slim model and waiting for Scorpio. If you want to play X1 games then sure buy one now, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy it and then sell it if you want Scorpio day1. Why wait, life is short :)

If X1 hit less than 100 euro I would get one now.

With the S on the way the older models are discounted - so maybe buy now? Or maybe wait for November and Black Friday deals?

I definitely wouldn't wait for Scorpio - as it might be expensive and might not offer anything special.

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I think the original will hit $220 before the slim comes out

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Iam waiteing for that conosle and iw ill have a4 k tv by then also


They are selling for like $200 on eBay right now. Maybe buy that.

The Scorpio will likely be $400 - $500 given that power boost.

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I've had my Xbone for years now, it's on its last legs. I'll be buying the slim in August, then I'll be upgrading to the Scorpio when it releases. (keeping my slim though)

Edit: but if someone else is wanting my advice on which to buy, I'd just get the Xbone slim since the scorpio is likely going to be expensive.

if you realy want a Xbox console, and for you Xbox is the only option, than just buy a X1 S. More than year wainting for scorpion + buying the overpriced "Day one" model is a bad choice.
Just buy the X1 S and, if you still want to buy a Xbox console, you buy the Scorpion in 2-3 years after lauch for a very good price.

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