Should Nintendo give Wii U owners a free Zelda: BotW NX copy when they upgrade?

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Should they offer Zelda: BotW NX for free?

Yes 17 12.98%
Yes if they buy the Wii U version 44 33.59%
No, people will buy it anyway 22 16.79%
No, offer something else 2 1.53%
No, Nintendo does not need to offer anything 36 27.48%
see results 10 7.63%

I wish.

But I guess this is obviously very unlikely. I doubt Nintendo would be giving away such a game for people who played it on the Wii U, considering a lot of those people are already likely to double dip.

Hell I've been a salty fan ever since the NX was first announced and I'm already thinking about double dipping.

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No they shouldn't because people will buy the game regardless.

People need to stop being so cheap and asking for handouts.



I think a general coupon towards a NX for anyone who has their original wii u box (upc code) would be a good way of apologizing for the seriously bad support for the Wii U.

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No. This isnt a charity

RolStoppable said:
If somebody wants to get rewarded for loyalty, they can already use My Nintendo. New rewards are added frequently, so the chance that reward points will expire is relatively low.

Chances are that there will be rewards points for linking an NX to your My Nintendo account, so people will get something for free or a discount. Probably not a $60 value, but still something.

Then, first make My Nintendo available worldwide.

Op: yes. Same as the ambassador program. Wii U feels worse than a price cut and we should demand an apology.

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I think it wouldn't be that bad of a idea that they do some type of promotion for there remastered wii u games. While I doubt free will be an option, but offer a 50% discount for people who have that games data saved to there nintendo account wouldn't be to bad of an idea.


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no, buying anything is somewhat a risk.

game delays happen. Nintendo is generally awesome at releasing games when they say they will. 

Wii U gamers can still buy the game for the Wii U OR they can upgrade to an NX. its their decision. the option is there. its absurd to expect Nintendo to give out free copies of a game as some sort of reward for someone buying their new system when they are offering the game on BOTH systems

if Nintendo had originally said "the game will be on the Wii U" and then it ended up ONLY on the NX that would be different, but Wii U fans can get the game there.

strange concept, that you're owed something. people should only be buying consoles if they're comfortable with the libraries and whats immediately available. you don't preemptively buy something with the hope that years from now you'll find a reason to be happy with the purchase

Ka-pi96 said:
Magnus said:
That would be a nice start, but Nintendo would have to give me at least $200 worth of stuff for buying a Wii U. But let's face it, Nintendo doesn't care about screwing their customers, otherwise they wouldn't have delayed Zelda on Wii U..

If you hate your Wii U that much why not just sell it? You should be able to get at least $100 back. And more assuming you actually own games for it too.

I am considering selling it once I finish my backlog. 

No they should just make a bundle and make zelda botww the equivalent of what wii sports was for the wii. Even though Zelda botww is undoubtly a much bigger and better game

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Just give me a NX bundle day one and I'm in ( providing consoles looks decent). But yeah a special edition NX with zelda console, game and amiboos would fly off the shelves