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Not to beat a dead horse on MS again, but this could be bad for everyone wanting to get a decent job...or even those who already have one. Employers love using Linkedin and many practically have it as a requirement to show off your portfolio.

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malistix1985 said:
Im excited to see what new xbox one exclusive Linkedin is going to make.


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My son is an UX Engineer Intern at LinkedIn this summer. Will be interesting to hear the mood when he gets in this morning.

Its libraries that sell systems not a single game.

Wow, that's huge! Buying Linkedin makes sense but $26bn seems like way too much for it.


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But why?

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Does that mean everyone on Linkedin is now a Microsoft employee?

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Damn. Hey MS, can y'all lend me some money to study abroad? :p

This is a very good deal for both :)

vivster said:
Does that mean everyone on Linkedin is now a Microsoft employee?

At least imminently they are. Why, are you working behind enemy lines?

Sounds like it's going to take them some time before Microsoft is going to be able to profit from this, but it will probably be good for them in the long run. I was a bit surprised when I heard this, but I suppose it fits Microsoft. After all, Microsoft has been pretty active in the professional environment.

Personally, I'm happier than even that I don't have a LinkedIn account. I don't like Microsoft, so it's good I'll have nothing to do with them here. Also, I don't like big companies buying other big companies, because I don't see having less big individual companies a good thing. There's bound to be less competition eventually, and the big corporations end up controlling way too much.