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And Elder Scrolls V remaster with mod support. Pretty much par for the course so far.


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Skyrim remastered, ok now that's something. But again, this isn't E3 material man, the update isn't big enough. An Oblivion remaster, maybe, since the graphical update would be huge. But Skyrim?

skyrim remaster

why tho

Looks like I was right in not buying Skyrim for the PS3.

So the remaster is only graphics. Not gonna bother then.

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Skyrim remastered looks very good, an actual remaster, not a simple port of the original PC version.

Skyrim: The console version you can finally play edition.


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Half Life meets Bioshock = new IP!


edit: NVM this is a old IP!?


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Prey looks like it might be neat.


Prey reboot looks good, can't wait.