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Looks fantastic

yes 57 41.30%
no 81 58.70%



12/22/2016- Made a bet with Ganoncrotch that the first 6 months of 2017 will be worse than 2016. A poll will be made to determine the winner. Loser has to take a picture of them imitating their profile picture.

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i wish companies would stop revealing games right before E3

I am sold.

Looks a like try-hard game.

Took me a minute to get used to it, but now I'm cool with the new protagonist (not that Aiden was appealing) and setting. Some of the new enhancements look impressive while other areas still don't feel like they're living up to their potential. I do like the new emphasis on culture. Hopefully this will be this franchise's Assassin's Creed 2, even if Ubisoft seems to be trying to turn this into their own GTA. Definitely not gonna get ahead of myself though with Ubi's recent track record.

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How can people honestly think about buying this after what happened to the first one? Do you not give a shit at all about being fucked over?

it looks good, pretty interesting, i might end up getting it on sale if word of mouth about the game is good.

it looks improved from the first one.

18+ minutes long? I ain't sitting through that.

Hmmm. GTA: Hacking.


Just like every other ubisoft game, great marketing, shit gameplay.