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NX have good third party if it sell well?

Yes most third party 34 17.17%
Only JP third party 42 21.21%
Only indies 20 10.10%
Third party on Nintendo HAHAHA 68 34.34%
not sure 34 17.17%

I certainly do not expect PS4-level third party support or even Xbox One level. Probably will be slightly more than the Wii U's first year and depending on how well the console sells, third party support will increase or decrease.

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All depends on its accessibility to developers and customer install base. If it's powerful enough for modern games, intuitive enough to code for, Nintendo improves their developer outreach, and a reasonable number of people are buying the system, there's no reason third parties wouldn't make their games for it.

I think NX is going to struggle to get even major JPN support... in the long term.

Only Japanese third-party games, but even that is only a maybe.

Until we know exactly what the console entails and how good the dev tools are i think it's hard for anything to really predict. However, if they come out with an x86 console with really good tools and isn't weaker then the ps4 og i would except solid 3rd party support.  It would probably not get every 3rd party game but it would get lots of them which I think would be good enough for Nintendo fans.

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Depends on what you consider for Good Third Party Support.
I am certain that NX will have much better 3rd party support than Wii U had (but reality is that cant have weaker) and that there is no way that will have support of same level like PS4/XB1, everything else is just clear guessing.

If Nintendo fans buy their games on the NX yes

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No. No point at all really. PS + XBox + PC has 3rd parties covered. No need to suck up to Nintendos BS anymore.

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

Probably not at this point, maybe if it has a ton of success but right now ...

Maybe they had a shot before, but Sony/MS are flooding the market with Neo and Scorpio, and that means they will get first priority, and PS4/XB1 can't be ignored for several more years either, and PSVR/Occulus Rift is likely going to be the other thing third parties just have to support.

Then throw in STEAM/PC.

That's like 6 different platforms that likely most third party houses (at least all the Western ones) will prioritize over the NX.

To be honest at this point I don't even care. It is what it is, it's not the 80s/90s or even the early 2000s anymore, this is probably not Nintendo's role to play any more, times change, things change, hopefully at minimum the NX doesn't suck and bomb like the Wii U did and they can carve out a decent, profitable smaller audience for it.

I will enjoy it because it will have Nintendo games on it, whatever else it gets at this point I guess will be like a bonus. 

I don't expect western companies to support Nintendo ina good way, maybe a couple of late ports, and if we're lucky, the annual FIFAs and CoDs. Japanese support is the key, Nintendo needs their games.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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