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We made a thread about this a while back, so where do people sit now. I'll update my page when I get back from work but I wanted to 100% all of Xenoblade Chronicles. I'll post one pic to show it's going really well so far.

It's hard to read, but I got 796 total Melee Attack, and 391 Total Range 9130 HP and 4500 TP. (Some people were asking what my stats were). Note while my attack and range stats are BOSS, I'm still getting schooled due to not having the proper loadout. Basically, you stats mean little and what you really need to focus on in Xeno X are having a HUGE pool of TP, soul voices and things to raise TP quickly, and massive TP arts and heals to inflict damage and stay alive. Galaxy Knight is a great class (for heal arts) with a weapon of a longsword to give proper attack TP damage. Add a lot of potential XX augments , Max HP and TP augments, secondary cooldown augments, ect. I'm working on the perfect character now, but if you ever added someone to your party that dealt MASSIVE damage and seemed to never die, that is how they done it. 

My collectapedia is sitting at 90's for every area, and I've done a LOT of the side missions. Not quite 100% yet in this game, but getting closer every single time I'm able to sit down with the game (keep in mind I got a 2 year old).

Will post more later.

How about you guys?

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What are your stats? Any augment?

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I don't even remember what my new year's resolution was so I guess thats the status of mine loll

Yours is looking good tho!


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