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Mr_No said:

I can forgive and forget when ads are plastered all over the page and become a small nuisance. However, I can't do that for these ads. As soon as you load the page, a video ad plays and locks position on it, so you can't scroll down or up for the entire duration of the ad, which was one minute on my case. It gets even funnier when the ad plays again many seconds later and you have to stop typing. When ads prevent you from seeing the content of the page, you know it's invasive and it needs to be taken care of swiftly.

I have this problem on my phone, exactly as you describe it.

The fix: I shut off JavaScript in my phone's browser and problem solved.


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spemanig said:
VCG has ads?

Are you and spurg really not aware you guys pay to not have ads. 


Yeah on mobile (such as the tablet I am currently using) some ads come up and cover the whole page without the ability to Close/remove and you don't have the ability to install chrome ad-ons like adblock :(

Acevil said:

Are you and spurg really not aware you guys pay to not have ads. 

Lmao, I definitely don't. I never had ads before I became a supporter. I pay to support the site.

Well, this is new.


You scared me OP, I thought that ads had actually managed to breed, creating a potentially infinite number of ads going on to infinite infinity and beyond.

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This entire website is simply unusable on mobile in my opinion... And all because of the adverts. It slows mobile devices down to a crawl, prevents you from tapping on links.

Everyone should use ad-block, yes the website will loose revenue, but honestly... They are biting the hand that feeds them anyway, they deserve it until they change their practices.

Conversely... Adverts can pass on malicious things, so from a security perspective it's a good thing to run Ad Block too.

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Not paying money to this site just so I can not see ads.
Thank you Adblock.

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Acevil said:
spurgeonryan said:
I have not seen any of these ads?

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I'm using adblock because... EHEM EHEM date night ads EHEM EHEM.

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