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Which sister

Callie 28 45.90%
Marie 33 54.10%

Ugh, they are both annoying, can I pick neither? xD

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I can't pick! I love Callie's cheery, spunky character, but Mari's sorta droopy character is pretty cute and funny as well. They're like the different sides of a coin



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Marie. As a character, she's about 3000% more interesting than Callie. No contest.

bet: lost

Marie ofc.

Jranation said:
Nuvendil said:

Is that the best you got?

Let's try this:




I know, right?  One of the best done bits of fan art I had seen in a while.  And I found it on YouTube originally with this cool mix of the Splatoon Squid Sister's song from the final boss.

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why not both