Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Color Splash follow in the footsteps of Super Paper Mario?

Back in May of 2006, Super Paper Mario was announced for Gamecube with an October 2006 launch.

Over the summer, it was silently delayed and switched to Wii, finally releasing in April 2007.

Color Splash was announced last month and is set to release on Wii U later this year. Could a similar situation happen where it gets delayed and moved to a Spring NX title?

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Maybe. But if they do put it on NX I think it'd be on Wii u and NX both

It could happen.

Maybe it'll be like how Zelda U is being speculated as both for Wii U and NX.

They've known well in advance that NX is the focus now, probably since 2014, so if it were to be switched to NX only, that decision would have already been made and we currently wouldn't know about the game. Unlike SPM there's clearly very little effort being put into the Color Splash so it's not a big deal if it doesn't sell well and it wont push consoles either way, it's just a cheap filler much like Ultra Smash and amiibo Festival.

Possibly, but it would more likely get a dual release than not be released for the Wii U at all imo

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No I actually see it launching only on Wii U and not being delayed.


I thought you were gonna talk about how we expect it to be bad but it'd turn out good :P

I hope it actually comes out on the WiiU and bombs pretty badly.

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Could be a dual release I guess.

AZWification said:

I hope it actually comes out on the WiiU and bombs pretty badly.

:( That's not cool.