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Forums - Sony Discussion - Getting a PS4 soon (or might wait for PS4.5/K)

Greetings everyone.

I put this thread out today becausae I am planning to finally get a PS4 (PS4.5/K). 

Can anyone give me some suggestions for games that I should pick up. I am a long standing fan of Uncharted, Rachet and Clank, and Final Fantasy (really any JRPG) series so those will be immediate purchases upon their release or when I get the console, whichever comes second. 

I am not terribly picky when it comes to games but here are the specific titles that I am not really a fan of. I do not like any of the games Bungie Studios offer, I dislike COD games, I don't like EA sports games anymore, and I have a PC with a beefy video card and will always choose the PC version over a console version where available. 

Any input would be helpful and detailed input about a suggested game would be incredible.


Thanks in advance.

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First, don't worry about PS4K until we actually get to know if it even really exists and what it is, just get the PS4 when you wish if that's what you are planning to do.

About games, seems like you'll focus more on exclusives s you said you would rather play multiplats on PC, so things like The Witcher and Metal Gear Solid are out of the scope, right?

Then for first party games you should go with Bloodborne and inFAMOUS: Second Son.
I should also recommend you Disgaea 5, so if you know nothing about it, go give it a check before getting this one, it's easy to not get into it as it has a very specific target public, so it can or not be good for you, personally I absolutely love Disgaea games.

Driveclub, Bloodborne, Infamous SS, Resogun.

You might even like Knack or the Order, should be dirt cheap now second hand. They get a lot of hate but personally I rather enjoyed them.

Ps4K will cost 500e so better buy Ps4.

Wait for the E3; if no official words from Sony, buy PS4.

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If you are worried about the rumored PS4K, wait till E3, which will be held soon enough to wait. Regarding the games, I feel they aren't as many Sony exclusives as I expected. Fortunately, some of the series you mentioned are getting new entries in the next few months.

Any game you can't play on PC and shitty ports -> PS4

Everything else -> PC

Unless you have a 4k TV or plan on getting one soon, just forget about the 4k version (imo).

Bloodbourne and phantom pains are out now. Zero Horizon and the last Gaurdian this holiday. Shenmue 3 next year!

Unless you're desperate to play Ratchet and Clank or Uncharted it would be prudent to wait until rumours of PS4K become facts about what Sony is actually planning, which I hope isn't a PS4K, but just slim and perhaps a minor internal redesign to improve performance.

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