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Forums - Sports Discussion - FORMULA 1 2016 Mexico.. Or that piece of land beyond the Wall

It seems Zuvuyeay is gone, so someone has to do it.. I don't know what rules we had last time

top 3 + first DNF?

 1st right = 10 points
 2nd right = 7 points
 3rd right = 3 points

Top 3 right = 5 bonus points
DNF right = 5 points

1. Hamilton
2. Vettel 
3. Raikkonen
DNF. Haryanto


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Ok, I'm in!

1st - Hamilton
2nd - Vettel
3rd - Rosberg
DNF - Gutiérrez

1st - Hamilton
2nd - Rosberg
3rd - Vettel
DNF - Wehrlein

I hope for a good season but it seems that Mercedes are again ahead in front.. Hope that Ferrari can find some extra speed otherwise its gonna be a long boring season


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

Well, let's do this:

1st - Vettel - risky, i know, but someone has to be optimistic :D
2nd - Hamilton
3rd - Rosberg
DNF - Alonso

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1 Hamilton
2 Vettel
3 RosBerg
DNF both Mclarens
6 Verstappen (long live the Dutch)

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

1st Hamilton
2nd Vettel
3rd Räikkönen

DNF - Rosberg






DNF Ecclestone

1st Vettel
2nd Hamilton
3rd Rosberg

DNF- Gutierrez

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I hate the Australian GP.. Its gonna be 6:00 in morning when the race starts.. Good luck to everyone.. And i hope Zuvuyeay is on vacation and will be back to take it over..


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!)