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Which one looks better?

First Video 5 20.00%
Second Video 9 36.00%
Results 11 44.00%

So TPHD is a full priece game but pretty lazy work. Dont believe me? See this:


Free PC Emulation via Dolpin, made by a fan who charges NOTHING for this:


Done by Tantalus, professional game developer, Nintendo charges full priece for this:


Side by Side picture comparison:



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What is full price? Because I payed 55 euros and got a cd and amiboo.

Cr*p I already bought it...


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too late, already ordered twilight princess HD amiibo bundle

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edited some photos for better comparison

Nogamez said:
What is full price? Because I payed 55 euros and got a cd and amiboo.

A CD with 10 year old tracks that arnt even edited :D

Of course the fan one isn't done yet, so you can't get it yet. The fan can't charge anything for his because Nintendo would definitely shut it down if they did. The fan one does look better but runs on far better hardware than the Wii U has. You could probably make the Wii U produce a similar level of graphical quality but it would probably require rewriting large sections of the game's code and render path, while the fan HD project can just use modern graphics cards to shoulder the burden of the extra overhead. This is why Zelda U can look so much better than the remake because it's built from the ground up for the Wii U hardware.

So basically TPHD is a "lazy remake" but if they had added tons of extra effects they would have had to do a LOT more work and delayed it, which wouldn't line up with Zelda U's release very well. That said, I still hate that they didn't update any of the character models - the wolf, some of the humans, and some of the environmental models look pretty low-poly, and that really would not have been hard to change.

Probably the biggest problem I have is that the music didn't change - just using the same old sample-based playback they had on GameCube. When Wind Waker HD was released, they updated a lot of the samples and the music has a different (usually more realistic) feel to it. They didn't bother with TPHD apparently. Also they had approved of Zelda Reorchestrated and had even helped with the project at the end of its development time so why not use that music?

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Dolphin is great.

Game looks better on my PC but still bought it on WiiU anyway