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People are idiots. If you don't like the game, just don't buy it.

No thanks.

I have the game wishlisted.


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This game can still turn out alright, we only saw like a minute (if that).

I need to see more before making a complete judgement, but even then I wouldn't petition to have it canned lol. I would just vote with my wallet.

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As much as I hate what's been shown, you can't just stop a game from being developed with millions of dollars going into its development. The best thing you can do is not buy it and don't encourage them to keep doing this to Paper Mario.

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This game is an insult and I almost for sure won't be buying it, but starting a petition to cancel a game is just stupid and will get nowhere. Just don't buy the game. Simple as that.

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TheGoldenBoy said:
People are idiots. If you don't like the game, just don't buy it.

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So, Federation Force all over again. My opinion about this, it's pretty much pointless and childish. But, hey, to each their own. I mean, you could post your thoughts, you could make Nintendo know that people don't want another Sticker Star, but there are more ways to do that.

And there could be much more to the game that we've already know. I don't think SS problem is the combat system main mechanics actually, it's the lack of sympathetic partners, a competent plot, a well-grounded world... I can go over a combat system I'm not the biggest fan of if they pretty much solve these issues. And the combat system could be improved a lot. I mean, it has some big flaws in it, but it's more the way it's implemented that the main "cards" or "sticker" mechanics.

Damn already? I was pretty mad with federation force and I actually thought about signing the petition to get it cancelled but I realized 1. It's stupid and 2. It's not fair for people that are interested in the game.

This dumb petitions must stop, there are much better ways to display our dislike for the stuff that we don't like.