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I make a lot of diffrent stuff. I cook with a friend at least once a week and what we make might range from traditional cabbage dishes over onion soup or vegtable roast to homemade pizza.

I mostly live of salads (leafy greens and vegtables as well as bean and potato salads) and smoothies (although I don't know if chucking stuff into a mixer really counts as preparing food).
In winter I make a lot of soups and stews too.

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One hour for an omelette? That is really slow Food!

I like making mushroom cream Sauce with rice Or noodles

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guiduc said:
Farsala said:

So I love food and I also love taking everyone elses ideas for foods and adding it to my own style :). I have grown rather bored of bland college kid food like Ramen, frozen pizzas and spaghetti.


Recently I made mostly Mac and Cheese, but with added hot sauce to make it not so bland. Before that everyday I made an omelette with 2 eggs, 1/3 green pepper or 1/2 onion, 3 potatoes and topped with a handful of cheese. This was satisfying but took an hour of my time everyday to cut the vegetables...

Oh you do that do? I've been doing this for a while now, it makes it taste so much better. Frank's Redhot, please.

Oh yea, I add it to anything that is bland. $2 hot sauce bottle goes a long way.

ReimTime said:
Farsala said:

Adding Brocoli to my list for sure, always forget about it.

Sounds great, but expensive. How much you think you spend?

Lucky for you I actually did the math yesterday

I can break down one meal for you. I get a lot of food on sale (ie: chicken breast because of such a selection):

-One chicken breast I can usually get for ~$2 CAD. A salmon filet is approximately the same price. 

-One cup of brown rice = ~$0.90

Half a big head of broccoli = ~$1.50

All the condiments/seasoning and milk per meal won't add up to more than $0.50

One meal = ~$5 (I cook $10 worth, and save the other half for lunch). Keep in mind you get a lot of nutritional goodness from this one meal. Very filling too. 


If we substitute pasta/sauce for the brown rice, it would cost a bit more ($1.50 sauce per meal, ~$0.80 pasta, $2 chicken = $4.30 - then add salad on top of that and you'll end up about $5.50)


My overall grocery budget for one month is about $300, and that constitutes absolutely everything I buy from a grocery store. Coffee, tea etc. 

A good rule of thumb that I follow in order to eat right is to stick to the outside walls of the grocery store as much as possible. This is where the fresh fruits/veggies, meats, bakery goods, and dairy/eggs are placed. In the middle aisles you will find the pre-prepared or processed foods which will cost you more to purchase and are not nearly as nutritious.

For fun, if I eat breakfast at home (say some coffee, oatmeal, a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, an apple, yogurt and a banana), I will end up spending approximately $3 on that meal. If I went to Tim hortons it would cost me $2 for the coffee alone, adding on the $5 or so of other less nutritious food ($3 for a yogurt parfait there!!!!! $3 for oatmeal!) I would end up spending twice as much money for no nutritional gain.


Anyhow I hope this helped a little. If you have anymore questions let me know or check out my Fitness Federation thread. I can talk a little about nutrition in there if I receive enough questions.


I spend about $50 USD a month on food with almost half going to drinks. Not nearly as much calories or nutrition as you but I try to at least get full from 1 meal a day. I could just drink water and be really cheap but the tap water here makes me sick. I am thinking about picking up oatmeal for breakfast and more pasta+veggies for my 3rd meal. I think it would only increase my cost by $20-$30 USD but would definitely feel worth it.

Faxanadu said:
One hour for an omelette? That is really slow Food!

I like making mushroom cream Sauce with rice Or noodles

Yeah I added potatoes and sliced them up daily, and most times onion or green pepper. Then I cooked until my potatoes browned and added eggs and cheese. I guess I forgot to mention that I do dishes right after for about 10 minutes. All in all cooking, eating and dishes amounted to 1 hour. While my Mac and cheese takes 20 min.

Here is some katsudon i made 

No I don't eat it in a bowl with chopsticks

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Not really "make" them, but I eat noodles almost daily.

I'm thinking stirfry

Pasta or risotto. Recipes are countless and you can find quick ones.
A very quick pasta sauce recipe is a variation of "aglio, olio e peperoncino" (garlic, oil and chili pepper) with fresh tomato added: stir fry red hot chili pepper and garlic (quantity according to your taste) in extra virgin olive oil, when garlic starts to get pale golden (never brown garlic too much, besides losing its healthy properties, it gets bitter and bad tasting) add coarsely chopped fresh tomatoes (best choice for this recipe is cherry tomatoes or other small tasty tomatoes). Not too many, the sauce must remain quite oily, Stir fry some more (after adding tomatoes garlic stops risking to get burned, unless you forget the sauce on fire and tomatoes burn too) until tomatoes soften a bit and the oil turns orange absorbing colour from tomatoes. Cook spaghetti al dente, sauté them in the sauce and serve them. The sauce is very tasty, but also very quick to make, you can do it while spaghetti boil and save time.

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Sausage tortellini soup is really tasty, filling, and you'll have enough left overs to eat for like 3 days.

Personally I favor Italian and Mexican food, but don't mind experimenting with other cultures. German food is pretty good

My weekly or semi-monthly grocery routine:

1.) Read articles about healthy food and strive to eat healthy.
2.) Go to Whole Foods and spend tons of money on fresh produce, coconut water and priobiotics.
3.) Go home, unpack food, and order Pizza Hut.
4.) A week or two later, throw away moldy food in fridge from Whole Foods.
5.) Gnash teeth, pull out hair, and renew goal to eat healthy.
6.) Order Pizza Hut.

Sooooooo. I cook (translation: order) pizza a lot.

Edit: Dang, all the recipes in this thread sound really good. I've gotta try some of these. 

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P