Forums - NSFW Discussion - VGChartz turned me gay (and ruined my marriage) (NSFW)

iceland said:
Slade6alpha said:
VGC made me hate gays.


Nobleteam alt? LOL JK

I don't know what that is, but it sounds disappointing. 

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Wow, what a story...
Well eventually you would have realized your gay during the marriage, and ending the relationship at that time would be complicated... so maybe you should be thanking VgChartz for making you gay


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How does one "turn" gay?

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Good thing Smeags quit the site... His sexiness could have turned us all gay


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The masterplan is progressing well...

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VGchartz didn't ruin your relationship. You did. Cheating in any circumstances unless it's mutually agreed upon is just wrong.

FIT_Gamer said:
How does one "turn" gay?

It's quite simple really. It happens when you forget to say "no homo" when having sex with a man. Very easy to catch the gay!

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I just read the full story. You're a horrible person and a fucking low life scum bag. I hope your next partner cheats on you, so you know exactly how it feels. You're a disgrace, and you parents should be ashamed. How does it feel when you look into a mirror and all you see is a massive disappointment? Must suck for you.

Please do the world a favor and sign off VGC and never come back.

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