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Spanish, Nahuatl and a bit of English.

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Native English speaker, am 95% fluent in Japanese (Keigo still does my head in on occasion) and know smatterings of Spanish, Mandarin and Indonesian.

My first language is Serbian however my proficiency in English is now greater as I have received my education in Australia since the age of 9.



Fluent English, B1/2 Japanese. And the odd rambles of Spanish, and Latin etymology comprehension whilst knowing extremely fuck all Latin.

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I can speak English & Ultrashroom

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Rain2 said:
I can speak English & Ultrashroom

What kind of language is that? :|

OT: English is the only language I'm really fluent at, though I can speak a little Korean.

German, English and French.

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English and Malayalam.


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English, Japanese and bad English (American)

English, french, german and bits and pieces of spanish. I understand it ok, but I can't really speak beyond a few simple sentences, wich is a shame since a huge part of my family is spanish.

I understand odd bits and pieces of japanese too, but it always hits me, like two seconds later: 'Oh, he said this!'
(I used to be able to count in hindi, but I think this is getting off topic! :P)