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I'm extremely bored, so I thought I'd make this thread. Would also like to see if the gamers here know anything besides English.


I speak English and Arabic extremely well. I also know how to speak Hebrew(not well, but decent enough).



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Spanish, English and a bit of French.

Spanish was my first language. But yeah, learned English when I was 5 or so.

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Spanish and English, starting french lessons later this year


Inglés y español (spanish and english)

Spanish is my main language, and I'm quite adept on English, but my conversational English has gotten a bit rusty.

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german and obviously english


I am fluent in English only. I took three years of French in high school (after I finished I could ask directions and understand a little of what is said but that was it - today I can't say nor understand much), took two semesters of German at my university and practice it on my own now(my German is much better than my French ever was, but still I can only understand simpler sentences with common vocab, and can speak very little (correctly.)) I also understand a little bit of Spanish, and Japanese from studying the "features" of the languages/being immersed in them, but I can't really form a complex sentence in either.

So yeah, English only, with conversational abilities where I say a lot of wrong/off things in German. If I had access to more speakers I think I would probably know at least three or four languages on a decent level. The inaccessibility to speakers of other languages is what limits me from bringing my skills to the next level in any of these languages.


English and semi-fluent Spanish.

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